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Maduro Backtracks on Expulsion of U.S. Diplomats, Rejects Early Elections

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA VENEZUELA: As the political crisis continued to unfold, on Saturday, the Maduro administration allowed for American diplomats to remain in Venezuela. President Nicolás Maduro backtracked on […] Read More >

World Leaders Take Sides as Venezuela’s Crisis Deepens

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA VENEZUELA: Countries around the world are increasingly taking sides as Venezuela’s economic and political crisis deepens. Yesterday, U.S. President Donald Trump said that “all options are […] Read More >

Warrant for Marielle Franco Murder Issued to Cop Tied to Bolsonaro

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BRAZIL: On Tuesday morning Rio’s Public Ministry and Civil Police released arrest warrants against five men who are suspected to be involved in the killing of […] Read More >

Widespread Protests Expected in Venezuela, 61 Years After Uprising

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA Venezuela: Today is the 61st anniversary of an uprising against a former military dictator — and the day Venezuelans are scheduled to protest President Nicolás Maduro. […] Read More >

40 Members of National Guard Revolt Against Maduro Regime

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA VENEZUELA: At least 40 members of the National Guard in the Cotiza neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuela, revolted against the Maduro regime yesterday morning. According to the Defense […] Read More >

Hundreds of Migrants Arrested After Digging Under Barrier at Border

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BORDER: A group of 376 Central Americans was arrested after digging under a steel barrier to cross the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona on Friday. The group was […] Read More >

Car Bomb Kills At Least 21 in Bogotá

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA COLOMBIA: A car bomb exploded in front of a Bogotá police academy yesterday, killing at least 21 people and wounding dozens. The attack at the Santander […] Read More >

Venezuelan National Assembly Rules Maduro Government Illegitimate

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA VENEZUELA: The Venezuelan National Assembly declared President Nicolás Maduro’s government illegitimate on Tuesday evening and approved tentative resolutions in an effort to promote a transitional government. Maduro took […] Read More >

Brazil’s President Relaxes Gun Laws, More Changes Expected

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BRAZIL: President Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree yesterday that lessens restrictions on gun control, following promises he made during his campaign to cut violent crime by […] Read More >

Chilean Bishops Meet With Pope Francis to Discuss Abuse Crisis

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA CHILE: Pope Francis met with Chilean bishops in Vatican City yesterday to discuss their strategies to address a pattern of sexual abuse and impunity. The meeting […] Read More >