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Mexico: 167 Bodies Discovered In Mayan Mass Grave

Today in Latin America Top Story — The remains of 167 people discovered in a cave in Chiapas on Friday were buried in a pre-Colombian cemetery, according to Mexico’s main […] Read More >

Mexico: Former President Zedillo Sued For 1997 Acteal Massacre

Family members and survivors of the 1997 attack in the Mexican state of Chiapas that killed 45 indigenous people sued former President Ernesto Zedillo for his alleged complicity in the […] Read More >

Mexico Discovers 210 Migrants Hidden In A Truck In Chiapas

Police in Mexico discovered 210 migrants Sunday, hidden inside a truck near the country’s southern border with Guatemala. Officials discovered the people after stopping the truck at a highway checkpoint. […] Read More >

Mexican Authorites Find 513 Undocumented Migrants Hidden In Trucks

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican authorities Tuesday found 513 undocumented migrants inside two tractor trailers in the southern state of Chiapas. Chiapas state police found the largest […] Read More >