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Hispanic Voices Become More Influential As Midterm Elections Approach

NEW YORK— Immigration has become a divisive topic in the upcoming mid-term elections, prompting speculation that the slow pace of proposed immigration reform legislation has disillusioned Hispanics enough to make […] Read More >

Democrats Have The Latino Vote in Midterm Elections, Study Reports

NEW YORK — Latino support leans toward the Democratic Party ahead of November, a new report shows. The Pew Hispanic Center study released Tuesday shows that two thirds of registered […] Read More >

Numbers Emerge For Undocumented Immigrants’ Children Amid 14th Amendment Debate

Babies born to undocumented immigrants will be the immigration debate’s next front line. Anxious to curb illegal immigration, some conservative politicians are suggesting altering the Constitution so that immigrants’ children […] Read More >

Thousands Rally in Support of Comprehensive Immigration Reform; Against Arizona Law

NEW YORK — A recent controversial law passed in Arizona drove thousands of people to protest in cities around the nation this weekend, adding fervor to planned May 1 rallies […] Read More >

Illegal Immigration Declined In 2009, Says Department Of Homeland Security

Today in Latin America Top Story — A report issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Wednesday said that the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States in […] Read More >