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Cuba Cuts 500,000 State Jobs; Plans to Reduce Private Business Restrictions

Today in Latin America Top Story — In its latest move away from communism, Cuba announced on Monday that it will cut half a million state jobs by early next […] Read More >

Cuba Agrees To Free More Dissidents Into Exile In Spain; U.S. May Take Some

Today in Latin America Top Story — Cuba’s Roman Catholic Church said Tuesday that six more political prisoners will be released into exile in Spain under an agreement with President […] Read More >

Obama Administration Plans To Ease Travel Restrictions To Cuba

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Obama administration is considering easing some travel restrictions to Cuba, in a move that officials say they hope will help advance democratic […] Read More >

Fidel Castro Makes First Television Appearance in 11 Months; Discusses Middle East and North Korea

Today in Latin America Top Story — Cuba’s former leader, Fidel Castro, made his first television appearance in 11 months on Monday when he was interviewed on the Cuban talkshow […] Read More >

Cuban Dissident Guillermo Fariñas Ends Hunger Strike After 130 Days

Today in Latin America Top Story — Cuban doctor and political dissident Guillermo Fariñas ended his hunger strike after refusing food for over 130 days. Fariñas, who began his hunger […] Read More >

Cuban Government To Release Up To 52 Political Prisoners, Catholic Church Official Says

Today in Latin America Top Story — Cuba’s Catholic Church announced Wednesday that the communist government has agreed to release up to 52 political prisoners that were arrested in 2003, […] Read More >

Oliver Stone Promotes New Film “South of the Border” in South America

Today in Latin America Top Story — Oliver Stone spoke at the Buenos Aires School of Law Thursday, as part of a trip to promote his new film “South of […] Read More >

Freedom of Press Violations Rising in Western Hemisphere, Press Association Claims

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) said this weekend that a number of countries in the Western Hemisphere seriously violated press freedoms, including Cuba […] Read More >

Cuban Dissident Orlando Zapata Tamayo’s Death Draws Attention To Cuba

Today in Latin America Top Story — The death of Cuban dissident Orlando Zapata Tamayo from a hunger strike in protest against prison conditions on Tuesday has catapulted Cuba to […] Read More >

Raúl Castro Speech Indicates U.S.-Cuban Relations May Worsen

The United States continues to destabilize the Cuban Revolution, Raúl Castro said in a speech to the Cuban National Assembly on Sunday, Dec. 20. Castro referred to an unnamed U.S. […] Read More >