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Cuba Ready To Talk With US, Says Raul Castro

Top Story — At a speech celebrating Cuba’s Revolution Day on Thursday, Cuban President Raúl Castro said he was willing to sit down for a discussion with the U.S. government over relations between […] Read More >

Cuba Releases New Real Estate Rules, Will Allow Home Sales

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Cuban government released new rules governing real estate on Thursday, which will allow citizens and permanent residents to buy and sell homes and apartments, […] Read More >

Cuba’s Armed Forces: On The Threshold Of A Generational Change

The death of Cuban Defense Minister Julio Casas should remind President Raúl Castro of two things: 1) that he has limited time to replace the old guard, and 2) age […] Read More >

Venezuela Releases Photos & Videos Of Ailing Chávez Chatting With Fidel Castro

Cuban and Venezuelan state media released photos and videos of ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reading a newspaper and chatting with Cuba’s former leader, Fidel Castro. The footage, which is […] Read More >

Cuba Shuffles Communist Party Leadership And Approves Economic Reforms

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Cuban Communist Party changed its leadership Tuesday, but gave little indication as to whom they planned to entrust the revolution as the […] Read More >

Cuba’s Castro Calls For Term Limits And Other Major Changes At Party Congress

Today in Latin America Top Story — Cuban head of state Raúl Castro unexpectedly proposed the advent of term limits for the country’s politicians on Saturday, and repeated his call for liberalizing […] Read More >

Raúl Castro’s Speech At Cuba’s Sixth Communist Party Congress

Cuban head of state Raúl Castro gave a historic speech on Saturday, marking a major shift in direction for the five-decade-old revolutionary government. The hemisphere’s only communist country will begin […] Read More >

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Visits Cuba Amid Controversy Over Alan Gross Case

Today in Latin America Top Story — Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter arrived in Cuba Monday for a three-day visit, where he is expected to discuss the case of jailed […] Read More >

Cuba Releases Last 2 Dissidents From Group Of 75

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Cuban government freed the last two remaining prisoners on Wednesday from a group of 75 dissidents who were jailed in the spring […] Read More >

Cuban Authorities Set Date For Trial Of U.S. Contractor Alan Gross

Today in Latin America Top Story — U.S.A.I.D. contractor Alan Gross will be tried in Cuba on March 4, the U.S. Interests Section in Havana announced Thursday. The Cuban authorities […] Read More >