Venezuelan boxer Edwin Valero.
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Edwin Valero Found Dead In Jail Cell On Day of Venezuela’s Bicentennial

April 20, 2010 By Staff

Venezuelan boxer Edwin Valero.

Venezuelan boxer Edwin Valero.

Today in Latin America

Top StoryBoxing champion Edwin Valero was found hanged with his own clothes in his jail cell early Monday morning. The Venezuelan police said he had committed suicide. He showed signs of life when authorities first reached him, but they were unable to rescue him, they said.

Valero had been arrested in connection with the murder of his wife, whose body was found in a hotel in the Venezuelan city of Valencia.

“It’s a tragedy, a tragic, tragic waste,” said Bob Arum, Valero’s promoter.

Valero was a national star in Venezuela and a prominent supporter of the left-wing government. He had a large tattoo of Venezuelan flag and President Hugo Chávez and on his chest.

The boxer’s death coincided with the celebration commemorating Venezuela’s 200 years of independence. Foreign heads of state including Raúl Castro of Cuba and Evo Morales of Bolivia visited Venezuela for the bicentennial ceremonies in the morning. In the evening, Venezuela hosted a summit meeting of the Boliviarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA, in Spanish), a coalition of left-wing Latin American governments founded in 2004.

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Headlines from the Western Hemisphere

North America


Central America


Southern Cone

  • Brazil’s energy agency Aneel suspended the Belo Monte dam auction scheduled for Tuesday.
  • Police in Brazil detained an 83-year-old priest after allegations that he molested boys as young as 12, an a video showed him in bed with a 19-year-old.
  • Argentina is awaiting approval from Italy for a highly anticipated debt swap.
  • Chile’s peso is at a two-and-a-half week low against the dollar, despite expectations due to post-earthquake reconstruction.
  • Argentina and Uruguay are trying to resolve fallout from the construction of a paper mill on their mutual border. Decisions will made in The Hague in the Netherlands, and cannot be appealed.

Image: The Examiner, under Creative Commons.

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