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Paramilitary Politics in Colombia; A Talk With Claudia López

April 20, 2010 By Reinhard Cate

Paramilitary Politics In Colombia: A Talk With Claudia Lopez from Latin America News Dispatch on Vimeo.

NEW YORK — Colombian political analyst Claudia López visited New York University’s Center of Latin American and Caribbean Studies on Thursday, where she presented research on the infiltration of paramilitary groups in Colombia’s political system. While left-wing guerrillas have sought to push the state out of areas where they operate, leading to their isolation, right-wing militas have infiltrated the political system to such an extent that López says they are “capturing” the state. López’s research played an important role in prompting the investigations of over one third of Colombia’s Congress members for ties to illegal groups since 2006. She took some time to discuss her work with The Latin America News Dispatch.

The talk was sponsored by the NYU Wagner Graduate School for Public Service’s Alliance for Latino and Latin American Students and the NYU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.


rita ros-planas says:

Claudia Lopez offers a powerful combination: ethical, probing journalism coupled with courageous social and political activism. Let the world see this as the true voice of Colombians.

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