Owner of Globovisión Guillermo Zuloaga.
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Globovisión Owner Flees Venezuela After Chavéz’s Government Issues An Arrest Warrant

June 17, 2010 By Staff
Owner of Globovisión Guillermo Zuloaga.

Owner of Globovisión Guillermo Zuloaga.

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Top Story — The majority-owner of Venezuelan news channel Globovisión, Guillermo Zuloaga, fled the country on Tuesday, in defiance of arrest warrants for usury and conspiracy issued Friday in connection with his car dealership, The Associated Press reports.

Zuluaga denied the charges and fled the country rather than appear in court, saying the legal actions are politically motivated and intended to silence the station’s criticisms of the leftist administration of Hugo Chávez.

The Globovisión channel had recently reported on a scandal involving decomposing food in government storage facilities, according to AP.
The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a U.S.-based press freedom group, criticized the arrest warrant in an blog post published on its Web site on Sunday.

“The fact that the warrant came a week after President Hugo Chávez publicly lamented that Zuloaga remained free is alarming, especially since Globovisión has been the target of a barrage of government investigations,” said Carlos Lauría, Americas director for the CPJ.

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cubana1960 says:

“Mr. Zuloaga criticized me, and he his walking free, that’s a weakness of our judicial power, we have to look into that.” This was an allegedly verbatim statement of Hugo Chavez on (government controlled) television. Thank God this arrogant hoodlum gave advance notice to Zuloaga and his family so they could flee from his kangaroo court. Now there will be no TV stations at all to foment freedom of press and speech. This is Fidel Castro’s BMF–makes sense, doesn’t it?

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