A Spanish sign points toward a polling station in Arizona on primary election day. Image by Molly O'Toole.
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Nevada “Don’t Vote” Campaign Stirs Up Controversy; Immigration Takes Center Stage

October 21, 2010 By Staff

A Spanish sign points toward a polling station in Arizona on primary election day. Image by Molly O'Toole.

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Top Story — A political ad drive in the state of Nevada has stirred up controversy with Latino voters by claiming that the best way to achieve immigration reform is to not vote.

The “Don’t Vote campaign is sponsored by an organization misnamed Latinos for Reform and is lead by former Republican party official and conservative hardliner Robert de Posada. The campaign hopes to persuade Latinos into staying home on election day by blaming the Democratic party for failing to pass immigration reform.

The aim in Nevada is allegedly to hinder Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s chances of winning Nevada’s tightly contested race with Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate. Angle is currently running an ad campaign that features people with backpacks depicted as illegally entering the country along a border fence and claims that Reid is the “best friend” of illegal immigrants.

A spokesman for Angle said that the “Don’t Vote” ad was not associated with her campaign and she wants all registered voters to go to the polls on Nov. 2, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The Spanish language television station Univision will not run the ad, saying that the station prides itself on promoting civic engagement and encourages Hispanics to vote.

The ad has also drawn heavy criticism from Democrats, with President Barack Obama denouncing the commercial.

“I think it is terrible,” Obama said Tuesday during a roundtable with reporters from Spanish-language outlets, according to the Wall Street Journal. “It is a cynical political ploy to try to drive Latino votes to benefit a Republican candidate in Nevada who would never vote for immigration reform.”

De Posoda said that he does support Angle but that Reid needed to pay for betraying Hispanics two years ago.

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Americana says:

If I were Hispanic, I wouldn’t vote either. Oshama and the Dems have USED, abused and deceived the Latinos for their own purposes – not for what is best for them. You are foolish if you didn’t realize Harry Reid put up the DREAM Act for show and nothing more. They knew it would never pass, as it hasn’t for 10 years. Oshama promised the world on CIR, knowing full well he could never accomplish that Americans are strongly against another amnesty and have been rejecting “immigration reform” for years and will not relent now. Sorry Hispanic but you have been made the patsy for the Dems con game. Your crazy if you still support them!

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Nick says:

Yo “Americana”

And you think the Republicans will do any better?

They want to deny 14th Amendment rights, are trying to pass an Arizona-type of law in Florida (of course excepting the “white looking” Canadians and Europeans from its dictates), are against comprehensive immigration reform, insist that so-called “English-only” laws be enacted…the list goes on.

Republicans are no friends of Hispanic peoples. Do not fall for their tricks.

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