Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez
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Hugo Chávez Accuses U.S. & Political Opponents Of Preparing For War In Libya

March 14, 2011 By Staff

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

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Top Story — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez accused his political opponents over the weekend of trying to divide the military in a move aimed at creating a Libya-like uprising in Venezuela after next year’s presidential election.

Chávez added that the conflict would give the United States justification to lead a military invasion of Venezuela.

“They want to divide the armed forces,” said Chavez, according to The Associated Press. “The empire has a plan that has worked in Libya.”

Chavez, an ally of Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, criticized U.S. President Barack Obama for supporting the Libyan opposition and predicted a larger war in Libya could push world oil prices to $200 a barrel.

“If the Yankees (attempt) the madness of invading Libya — Gaddafi already said it a few days ago — it would be a new Vietnam,” Chávez said, according to The Canadian Press. He also proposed a “humanitarian commission” to travel to Libya to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Chávez added that his proposal for a peace effort would respect “the self-determination and freedom of Libya, which is a sister nation.”

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