Peruvian Presidential Candidate Ollanta Humala. Photo by José Cruz/ABr.
Latin America: Week in Review, Peru

Peru’s Ollanta Humala Wins First-Round Presidential Election, Will Likely Face Fujimori In Runoff

April 11, 2011 By Staff

Peruvian Presidential Candidate Ollanta Humala. Photo by José Cruz/ABr.

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Top Story — Leftwing nationalist Ollanta Humala will probably face conservative Keiko Fujimori in a second-round election for the Peruvian presidency, scheduled for June 5.

A quick count of Sunday’s ballots found Humala in the lead with 31.7 percent of the votes, according to the Associated Press. Keiko Fujimori, the daughter of authoritarian ex-President Alberto Fujimori, came in second place with 23.3 percent.

Liberal economist Pedro Pablo Kuczynski placed third with 18.3 percent. Former President Alejandro Toledo led in the polls for most of the campaign, but plummeted in recent weeks and came in fourth out of five.

Opinion polls backed up the results of the unofficial count, AP reports, but the Peruvian electoral authorities have yet to officially announce a winner. At the time of writing, Peru’s electoral authority had counted 68.7 percent of the votes and Humala enjoyed a comfortable lead. Second place, however, still seemed disputable, with Fujimori barely topping Kuczynski by one percentage point, according to Peruvian daily El Comercio.

Polling agency Ipsos Apoyo expects Fujimori’s lead to increase as the vote count draws to a close.

Peruvian law requires candidates to score over half of the valid votes to win a presidential election in the first round. Because no candidate will win the election outright, the two top candidates will face each other in a run off.

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Image: José Cruz/ABr @ Wikicommons.

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