Latin America: Week in Review, Venezuela

Chávez Returns To Venezuela; No New Details About His Cancer

July 5, 2011 By Staff

 Today in Latin America

Top Story –Hugo Chávez surprised nearly everyone by returning to Venezuela early Monday morning, after spending nearly a month in Cuba convalescing from surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. In contrast to his somber speech last week from Cuba, the much-thinner Chávez seemed more vivacious while breaking into song and telling tales of his youth in the army during his pre-dawn talk. The Venezuelan leader still remained quiet about what type of cancer he has or where it was located on his body. “I’m very happy to be home again,” Chávez, embracing his brother, Adán Chávez, and Vice President Elías Jaua on the tarmac at the Maiquetía airport near Caracas.

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