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Colombian Court Tells Congress To Rule On Gay Marriage

July 28, 2011 By Staff

Today in Latin America

Top Story — In a move heralded by gay rights activists, Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled that the issue of same-sex marriage is a legislative matter that must be addressed in the country’s Congress. The court ruled that gay couples in de facto unions constitute a family and gave Congress two years to legislate the status of same-sex marriages. If no moves are made in two years, then gay couples in Colombia will be allowed to formalize their unions before a notary public. While many Colombian churches asked the court not to legalize same-sex marriage, gay-rights supporters took to the streets to celebrate the ruling. “We would’ve preferred for the court, as guarantor of rights of minorities and in particular guarantor of equality, would have itself extended marriage to same-sex couples,” said Diana Guzmán, a lawyer involved in the action. “Nonetheless, we think this ruling is a step forward.”

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