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Chávez Says Venezuela Only Recognizes Gaddafi Gov In Libya

August 24, 2011 By Staff

Today in Latin America

Top Story— Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said on Tuesday that Venezuela will continue to recognize Muammar Gaddafi as the leader of Libya and will not recognize any interim-rebel government. Speaking as Libyan rebels broke into Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli after hours of fighting, Chávez blasted NATO and the U.S. government for their roles in Libya’s conflict and said that they were fomenting unrest in the North African nation to control of the country’s oil riches. “Getting the dogs to fight. Arming here, arming there, and later bombing it and we take that country,” said Chávez, A staunch supporter of Col. Gaddafi throughout the conflict. “They loot it and they take the international reserves and the oil…This destroys international law and takes the world back to the Stone Age.”

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