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Brazil: Police Allegedly Killed 30 People During Strike

February 15, 2012 By Staff

Today in Latin America

Top Story — Up to 30 murders were allegedly committed by police in Brazil during a recent strike in the northeastern state of Bahia. Out of the 180 murders that occurred during the strike, 30 of those killed were found with their hands cuffed or tied behind their backs and shot in the head at close range with heavy caliber weapons such as the rifles Brazil’s police carry. A police official said that various paramilitary militias had taken advantage of the strike to execute people who had been causing trouble in the areas they control. Prevalent throughout Brazil, these militias are criminal organizations made up of former or active-duty officers that operate poor areas, extort residents and often double as extermination squads. “The crimes suspected of involving police officers are characteristic of groups that provide clandestine security services to storeowners in low-income areas,” said Arthur Gallas, head of the city of Salvador’s police homicide department.

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  • Veterans of the 1982 Falkland Islands war between Argentina and Britain protested in Buenos Aires Monday, demanding to be included in a pension plan that excludes them.
  • A sixteen year old boy currently living in Texas has opted not to see his father after an international custody battle that erupted when his mother took him from Chile to Texas despite the ruling of a Chilean court.
  • Uruguay’s state-run oil company ANCAP signed a landmark 30-year oil exploration deal with Texas-based Shuepbach Energy LLC.

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