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Chilean Student Protesters Vow to Continue Marches

The leaders of Chile’s main student protest group promised that they will continue their campaign despite the approval of the country’s controversial education budget. At a press conference held on […] Read More >

Paraguay Cattle Health Scare Blamed On Human Error

Paraguayan health officials said this month “human error” led to an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) that has seriously hurt the country’s vital cattle industry. “After the most recent laboratory […] Read More >

Latin American and Caribbean States Back Palestine UNESCO Vote

Palestine was granted full membership into the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Tuesday, with most Latin American countries either supporting the measure or abstaining from the […] Read More >

Mexico President Signs Safety Law For Nurseries

Over two years since a fire claimed the lives of nearly fifty children in Mexico, President Felipe Calderón signed into law a landmark proposal to regulate the country’s day care […] Read More >

Mexico City Legislators Push To Ban Bullfighting

Mexico City may soon follow the lead of the Spanish province of Cataluña and ban all forms of bullfighting. A pair of opposition politicians representing the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI, […] Read More >

Abortion Ban Rejected By Colombian Senate

A congressional committee defeated a proposal on Wednesday that would have modified the Colombian constitution in order to ban all forms of abortion. The bill, which was submitted by Conservative Party […] Read More >