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Numbers Emerge For Undocumented Immigrants’ Children Amid 14th Amendment Debate

Babies born to undocumented immigrants will be the immigration debate’s next front line. Anxious to curb illegal immigration, some conservative politicians are suggesting altering the Constitution so that immigrants’ children […] Read More >

Arizona Immigration Law Begins Ripple Effect

As the court case rumbles on against Arizona’s recent immigration law, the results of the proposed legislation are reverberating around the country. In Virginia, legislators are considering a similar bill, […] Read More >

Film Spotlights Child Immigrants’ Lonely Journey North

NEW YORK — Thousands of child migrants travel alone each year, some not tall enough to reach the trains they jump on, to get to the United States. Their story […] Read More >

Guatemalan Women May Become Special Asylum Group

NEW YORK — In a few weeks, female Guatemalan asylum seekers might know whether their applications hold better odds. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that a […] Read More >

Alleged Spy Vicky Pelaez Plans To Leave Russia To Return To Her Native Peru

NEW YORK — The alleged spy whose feet hadn’t even touched Russian soil wants to leave the country, her lawyer said. Vicky Pelaez, the 55-year-old journalist deported last week to […] Read More >

Feds Sue Arizona Over Immigration Law

The federal government moved Tuesday to sue the state of Arizona over its recent law. President Barack Obama’s administration filed a lawsuit arguing that the state doesn’t have the right […] Read More >

Obama Plans Speech To Address Immigration

President Barack Obama will address the nation’s immigration system in a speech Thursday morning. The announcement follows a week in which the president huddled with immigration activists and met Hispanic […] Read More >

Arizona Immigration Law Faces Challenge From Obama Administration

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer could face a federal challenge to the law she signed as early as next week. Attorney General Eric Holder is preparing to file a lawsuit within […] Read More >

Documented Immigrants Should Not Be Deported For Minor Drug Infractions, Supreme Court Says

Documented immigrants should not be deported for minor drug possession convictions, the Supreme Court ruled this week. The case centered on Jose Carachuri-Rosendo, a Texas man who was a legal […] Read More >

Three New York Groups Rally To Draw Attention To Immigration Reform

Three different New York groups rallied last week to draw attention to immigration reform. At the beginning of the week, students from the New York State Youth Leadership Council began […] Read More >