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Protesters Demand Restraints on Federal Involvement in Immigration Enforcement in New York City Jails

NEW YORK — Too many Latinos in New York City are silently disappearing after entering city jails, activists said Tuesday at a downtown New York rally. After crossing the Brooklyn […] Read More >

Hispanic Groups Aim To Mobilize Voters Before November

Amid concerns that Hispanics are less likely to vote in November, activist groups are working to push every voter to the polls. Calling for Latinos to “vote for respect,” grassroots […] Read More >

Democrats Have The Latino Vote in Midterm Elections, Study Reports

NEW YORK — Latino support leans toward the Democratic Party ahead of November, a new report shows. The Pew Hispanic Center study released Tuesday shows that two thirds of registered […] Read More >

Deported Student Saad Nabeel Fights For Family’s Return From Bangladesh

NEW YORK — Saad Nabeel was 18 when he was handcuffed next to his mother and escorted to a separate detention center. This move – separating mother from minor – […] Read More >

Low-Wage Immigrant Workers Face Special Challenges & Risks

NEW YORK — New York City’s low-wage workers need more protection, advocates said this week. At a Manhattan conference Tuesday, sponsored by the city’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and grassroots […] Read More >

Number of Undocumented Immigrants Reaches Net Decline

For the first time in two decades, the undocumented population in the U.S. is sharply decreasing, according to a recent report. The Pew Hispanic Center reported an 8 percent decline […] Read More >

Undocumented Students Facing Deportation Breathe Sigh Of Relief

As school starts up again, undocumented students around the country are concentrating on classes, not deportation proceedings. In August, President Barack Obama’s administration pushed the emphasis of deportations away from […] Read More >

Immigrant Children Crossing The Border Present Perplexing Problems

After being hit with a machete handle by his stepfather, 14-year-old Isau thought only the United States would provide some relief. Isau is one of tens of thousands of kids […] Read More >

Rancher’s Murder Highlights Complicated Immigrant-Crime Connection

When Robert Krentz was found dead on his Arizona ranch five months ago, police suspected a Mexican drug smuggler. Now, local news outlets report that a person of interest might be […] Read More >

Immigration Enforcement By Local Police Is Ineffective and Misuses Authority, Report Says

NEW YORK — Programs allowing local cops to enforce federal immigration law misused their authority, according to a new report. The National Council of La Raza, an immigrant advocacy group, […] Read More >