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Ousted President Manuel Zelaya May Return To Honduras

Today in Latin America Top Story — Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya may iron out an agreement to return to his home country within a matter of weeks, his aide […] Read More >

Who’s Killing The Journalists Of Honduras?

The small town of San Marco, near Honduras’ western border with El Salvador and Guatemala, has no distinguishing factors that set it apart from the other tiny villages and hamlets […] Read More >

Drug Cartels In Mexico And Colombia Allegedly Supplied With Weapons From Honduran Military

Gun stores on the U.S.-Mexico border have recently been criticized for their firearms ending up in the hands of drug cartels. However, a 2008 diplomatic cable obtained by Wikileaks draws […] Read More >

Obama Administration Lawyers Charge Salvadoran Ex-General With Human Rights Abuses

Today in Latin America Top Story — A former Salvadoran general, who was a close ally to the United States during the 1980s, faces deportation from the U.S. on charges […] Read More >

Honduran Government Responsible For Murders And Human Rights Abuses, Resistance Leader Says

NEW YORK — While the Honduran government and former U.S. President Bill Clinton claim that the Central American nation is protecting human rights and combating drug-trafficking, Honduras is actually killing […] Read More >

Nicaraguan Electoral Council Gives OK To Daniel Ortega Candidacy

Today in Latin America Top Story — Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council decided Tuesday to formally allow President Daniel Ortega to run for reelection, the Associated Press reports. Opposition politician María […] Read More >

Obama Pledges Drug-Fighting Assitance to El Salavdor; Ends Latin American Visit Early

Today in Latin America Top Story — U.S. President Barack Obama wrapped up the final leg of his Latin American tour Tuesday in El Salvador, where he pledged $200 million […] Read More >

Ban Ki-moon Meets With Central American Leaders To Discuss Regional Security

Today in Latin America Top Story — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon promised to support Central America in its fight against insecurity and violence during a meeting with regional leaders in […] Read More >

Court In El Salvador Sentences 10 Gang Members to Prison For Killing Of Journalist Christian Poveda

Today in Latin America Top Story — A court in El Salvador sentenced 10 gang members and a police officer to lengthy prison terms for the 2009 killing of a […] Read More >

Guatemalan First Lady Sandra Torres de Colom Announces Bid For Presidency

Today in Latin America Top Story — Guatemala’s first lady announced Tuesday that she will enter the race to succeed her husband, President Álvaro Colom. Sandra Torres de Colom confirmed […] Read More >