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New Data Shows Deforestation Intensified In The Amazon

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BRAZIL: In comparison to July 2018, deforestation in the Amazon this past month grew by 278%, according to a study published by the National Institute for […] Read More >

U.S. Sanctions On Venezuela Now A Total Economic Embargo

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA VENEZUELA: Today, the Trump administration is expected to announce “a total economic embargo” on Venezuela. With an executive order, the U.S. government has frozen all economic […] Read More >

Mexico Threatens Legal Action Against U.S. After El Paso Massacre

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA UNITED STATES: President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said six Mexicans were among the casualties in El Paso and that seven others were injured. Foreign Minister Marcelo […] Read More >

Succession Uncertainty Looms As Rosselló Steps Down In Puerto Rico

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA PUERTO RICO: Although disgraced Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation goes into effect at 5 pm today, the Puerto Rican legislature has delayed the confirmation of a new […] Read More >

Paraguayan Lawmakers Vote To Impeach President Benítez

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA PARAGUAY: A group of legislators has called a vote in today’s Congress session to decide whether to impeach President Mario Abdo Benítez and Vice-president Hugo Velásquez […] Read More >

ACLU: Nearly 1,000 Child Migrants Separated At Border Since 2018

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BORDER: Lawyers working for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) told a federal judge yesterday that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have separated 911 […] Read More >

Another Brutal Prison Riot Leaves At Least 57 Dead in Brazil

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BRAZIL: A clash between rival gangs left at least 57 dead in the Altamira prison in northern Brazil yesterday. Local authorities confirmed that 16 inmates were […] Read More >

Guatemalans Protest The Signing Of ‘Safe Third-Country’ Pact With U.S.

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA GUATEMALA: After tariffs and travel ban threats, Interior Minister Enrique Degenhart signed a “safe third country” agreement with the United States on Friday, restricting asylum applications […] Read More >

Over 28,000 Cases Confirmed In Honduras’ Worst Dengue Outbreak in 50 Years

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA HONDURAS: Public health authorities have confirmed over 28,000 cases of dengue in what is now the worst outbreak in the last fifty years. The massive patient […] Read More >

Rosselló Resigns; Vásquez Assumes As Governor On August 2

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA PUERTO RICO: After weeks of facing public furor, Ricardo Rosselló announced last night that he would resign from his post, becoming the first governor to step […] Read More >