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International Organizations Call for End to Violence Against Journalists in Mexico

NEW YORK—Today marks one month since the assassination of journalist Javier Valdéz Cárdenas, which shook the international press community and further exemplified the pervasive violation of press freedom in Mexico. […] Read More >

Mexico Drug War Attacks Social Media Users; Bodies Hung From Nuevo Laredo Bridge

The bloodied bodies of a man and a woman were found hanging from a bridge in the northeast Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo Tuesday, along with two posters left […] Read More >

Dominican Republic Urged To Protect Journalists After Recent Killing

Today in Latin America Top Story — Amnesty International and press freedom groups condemned Wednesday the killing of a critical Dominican reporter and urged the government to ensure the protection of […] Read More >

Who’s Killing The Journalists Of Honduras?

The small town of San Marco, near Honduras’ western border with El Salvador and Guatemala, has no distinguishing factors that set it apart from the other tiny villages and hamlets […] Read More >

Mexico No Longer Has Free Press Thanks To Drug War & Violence

An annual report by an independent advocacy group said that Mexico can no longer be considered to have a free press due to the violence related to the country’s ongoing […] Read More >

Mexican Drug Cartels Threaten Freedom Of Press; Bilateral Solution Needed, Panel Says

NEW YORK — Luis Carlos Santiago’s last moments were spent in a shopping mall parking lot in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez. Around two in the afternoon on […] Read More >

Globovisión Owner Flees Venezuela After Chavéz’s Government Issues An Arrest Warrant

Today in Latin America Top Story — The majority-owner of Venezuelan news channel Globovisión, Guillermo Zuloaga, fled the country on Tuesday, in defiance of arrest warrants for usury and conspiracy […] Read More >

Colombia’s Disgraced DAS and President Uribe’s Uncertain Legacy

On Nov. 17, 2004, Colombian journalist Claudia Julieta Duque received a phone call. Speaking with a calm voice, a man threatened to kill and rape Duque’s 10-year-old daughter. “Your daughter […] Read More >

Fewer Voices, More Stories; How Thorough Is Coverage of Mexico’s Drug War?

NEW YORK—With recent shootouts and brutal massacres, drug-related violence in northern Mexico continues to increase in both blood and numbers. Marc Lacey, The New York Times bureau chief for Mexico, […] Read More >