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Immigration: Rubio Announces Plan To Win Latino Votes For GOP

Today in Latin America Top Story — Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced that he was pulling together a conservative proposal that would allow young undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States […] Read More >

Miami Student Daniela Pelaez Discusses Deportation, DREAM Act

Today in Latin America Top Story— Daniela Pelaez, an 18 year-old undocumented immigrant living in Miami, said she was “overwhelmed” by support from thousands of people who protested her deportation order […] Read More >

Immigration Reform Advocates Announce DREAM Act Scholarships In New York

NEW YORK – The New York Immigration Coalition and the Fund for Public Advocacy launched a scholarship program Monday night aimed at undocumented students that would be eligible for the […] Read More >

Jose Antonio Vargas & Immigration Activists Launch DREAM Act Initiative

NEW YORK — Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas and a number of faith-based immigration activists launched an initiative to pass the DREAM Act Thursday in New York. Speaking at […] Read More >

Obama Pushes For Comprehensive Immigration Reform During Visit To El Paso

Today in Latin America Top Story — U.S. President Barack Obama Tuesday called for comprehensive immigration reform during a visit to the border city of El Paso, Texas. Standing within […] Read More >

Immigration Bill Cracks Down On “Sanctuary” Cities; Barletta Forms New Anti-Immigration Caucus

A freshman U.S. congressman, who in 2006 made headlines when he signed a law that cracked down on undocumented immigrants as the mayor of a Pennsylvania town, is now focusing […] Read More >

Undocumented Immigrant Youth Support DREAM Act By Coming Out Of The Shadows

NEW YORK — Melissa Garcia Velez didn’t look nervous when she took up the microphone in the center of New York’s Union Square, although what she was about to say […] Read More >

DREAM Act Immigration Bill Passes In U.S. House; Senate To Vote Thursday

Today in Latin America Top Story — The United States House of Representatives narrowly voted Wednesday to approve the DREAM Act immigration bill, which offers a path to citizenship for […] Read More >

Deported Student Saad Nabeel Fights For Family’s Return From Bangladesh

NEW YORK — Saad Nabeel was 18 when he was handcuffed next to his mother and escorted to a separate detention center. This move – separating mother from minor – […] Read More >

Stephen Colbert To Testify Before House Committee On Immigration

Today in Latin America Top Story — Late night television star Stephen Colbert plans to testify at a congressional hearing this Friday on immigration. The host of Comedy Central’s “The […] Read More >