The city of Cancún, Mexico.
Latin America: Week in Review, Mexico

Mayor of Cancún Arrested; Charged With Drug-Trafficking, Money Laundering and Connections to Cartels

June 2, 2010 By Staff

    The city of Cancún, Mexico.

    The city of Cancún, Mexico.

Today in Latin America

    Prosecutors allege that mayor Gregorio Sanchez has ties to the Zetas and Beltran Leyva cartel and has made bank withdraws amounting to $2 million, much more than his declared income.
    The arrest and charges have also brought Sanchez’s run for governor of the Quintana Roo state to an end. Members of Sanchez’s political party, the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD, in Spanish), say that the charges are politically motivated and that his wealth stems from his real estate business.
    Sanchez is the first political candidate in the upcoming July 4 elections to be formally tied to the cartels, but fears have risen throughout Mexico that the powerful drug cartels are using bribes and intimidation to influence voting.
    Cancún, a town normally thought of as a haven for the college, spring break crowds, has seen a recent increase in cartel-related activity. Last month, Mexico extradited the former governor of Quintana Roo on charges of helping a cartel smuggle cocaine through Cancún.

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Paul Luciano says:

This is a good news, finally seeing some action taken by the law enforcement.
But sadly there is still too many to be arrested.

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