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“We Of The Saya”: An Interview With Filmmaker Sisa Bueno

Six years ago, New York filmmaker Sisa Bueno was a volunteer in Bolivia whose attention was captured by the struggle of Afro-Bolivians to be counted as an ethnic group in […] Read More >

Brazil’s Truth Commission Set To Begin Its Work

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will preside over an official ceremony Wednesday to launch Brazil’s Truth Commission. The seven-member commission will convene for two years to investigate human rights abuses committed in Brazil […] Read More >

Brazilian Supreme Court Approves Racial Quotas in University

Brazil’s Supreme Federal Tribunal unanimously approved the continued use of racial quotas in the University of Brasilia in a 10-0 vote Thursday. The decision reaffirmed a policy adopted by a […] Read More >

Mexico: PRI and PAN Fight For Governorship Of Michoacán

Today in Latin America Top Story — Elections ended Sunday in Mexico’s Western state of Michoacán with the country’s top two parties both claiming victory in the governor’s race. President […] Read More >

Cuba Releases New Real Estate Rules, Will Allow Home Sales

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Cuban government released new rules governing real estate on Thursday, which will allow citizens and permanent residents to buy and sell homes and apartments, […] Read More >

Chile’s Piñera Promises End Of Extreme Poverty By 2014

NEW YORK — Chilean President Sebastián Piñera reiterated his government’s goal to eliminate extreme poverty in Chile by 2014 during a talk Thursday at the Americas Society/Council of the Americas (AS/COA) […] Read More >

Mexico Drug War Fueled By U.S. Assault Weapons And Drug Demand, Calderón Says

NEW YORK — Mexican President Felipe Calderón called on the U.S. government to reduce weapon sales to Mexico and domestic demand for illegal drugs, in a talk before business leaders […] Read More >

Brazilian Senate Debates Freedom of Information Law

A bill to pass a freedom of information law in Brazil, introduced by former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in 2009 and approved by the Chamber of Deputies last […] Read More >

Immigrant Opportunities Initiative Threatened By New York City Budget Cuts

NEW YORK — City council members and leaders of New York City’s immigrant communities rallied Tuesday on the steps of City Hall to save the Immigrant Opportunities Initiative (IOI), an […] Read More >

TV Report on Salvador Allende’s Death Angers Family

A Chilean state television program speculating that former Chilean President Salvador Allende was murdered during the Sept. 11, 1973 coup has angered members of Allende’s family, one week after the […] Read More >