Celebrations for Mexico's Bicentennial, Mexico City.
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Alleged Mexican Drug Capo “El Grande” Ordered Held At Detention Center

September 16, 2010 By Staff

Celebrations for Mexico's Bicentennial, Mexico City.

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Top Story– A judge in Mexico has ordered an alleged capo in the Beltrán Leyva drug cartel held for 40 days at a government facility as a form of house arrest.

Sergio Villarreal Barragán, who was captured by Mexican marines Sunday during a raid carried out in the city of Puebla, was ordered to be held in this manner so that authorities can gather evidence while preparing formal charges.

The alleged Beltrán Leyva cartel member, known as “El Grande,” is currently being held at a Mexico City detention facility. Two men arrested with Villarreal Barragán on Sunday are also being held for questioning.

Meanwhile in the violence-ridden Mexican state of Michoacán, the entire 45-man police force in the town Purepero resigned after saying that there job was too dangerous. Soldiers and state police have taken over patrol duties in the 25,000 temporarily.

With the country reeling from the violence inflicted on the country by the three and half year drug war that has killed over 28,000 people, Mexico is looking for some bright spots as it celebrates the bicentennial of the 1810 war that threw off Spanish rule.

The capture of two rival cartel figures without a fight in less than two weeks apart is a hopeful sign and one that has Mexican officials thinking this may be a new trend in the drug war.

This, however, does raise the issue that the government may be targeting some cartels while leaving others alone.

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  • Cuba’s foreign minister said Wednesday that President Barack Obama has missed a golden opportunity to improve relations, lamenting that nearly two years after he offered an olive branch to America’s traditional foes, the U.S. leader has “not lived up to expectations.”
  • Protesters on the popular tourist island of Vieques, just east of Puerto Rico, paralyzed ferry transportation on Wednesday as they demanded better service.

Central America

  • Port workers unpacking an order of ornamental palms from Guatemala in Auckland, New Zealand, found an unwanted stowaway when a boa constrictor eyed them from on top of a crate.
  • New rains bring further destruction and increase risks for people in Guatemala.
  • Costa Rican Foreign Minister René Castro called Wednesday for Japanese assistance in achieving the country’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2021, saying his nation needs technologies for environment-friendly vehicles and financial aid.
  • Panama’s economy grew 6.3 percent in the second quarter versus the same period a year ago, the government said on Wednesday.


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