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Honduras: Wife Of Ousted President Zelaya To Run In 2013

November 17, 2011 By Staff

Today in Latin America

Top Story — The wife of ousted former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, was confirmed Wednesday as a presidential candidate in Honduras’ November 2013 general elections. Castro de Zelaya will represent her husband’s new Liberty and Refoundation Party, nicknamed “Libre,” which was registered with the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Honduras on October 30. Libre, comprised of five factions, includes the socialist Popular Resistance Force (FRP), July 5, June 28, the Progressive Resistance Movement (MRP), and the People Organized in Resistance (POR). Public opinion polls of presidential candidates rank Castro de Zelaya second behind television presenter Salvador Nasralla in next year’s elections. Zelaya, who was overthrown in Honduras’s June 2009 military coup, is currently prohibited for running as a presidential candidate by the Honduran Constitution.

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