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Leaked Diplomatic Cable Reveals U.S. Panama Express Rendition Program; Hints At FARC In Panama City

A secret agreement between the governments of Panama and the United States allows alleged drug traffickers caught in international waters to be “unofficially” brought to Panama before being sent to […] Read More >

Guatemala Court Rejects First Lady’s Bid For President; Torres Accused Of “Legal Fraud”

The recently divorced first lady of Guatemala’s bid for president hit a road block on Wednesday after the country’s supreme electoral court disqualified her for “supposed legal fraud.” First lady […] Read More >

Venezuela Releases Photos & Videos Of Ailing Chávez Chatting With Fidel Castro

Cuban and Venezuelan state media released photos and videos of ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reading a newspaper and chatting with Cuba’s former leader, Fidel Castro. The footage, which is […] Read More >

Brazil and U.S. Back Lagarde For IMF Post; Chances Look Dim For Mexico’s Carstens

UPDATE: French finance minister Christine Lagarde was named the new head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) earlier this afternoon. Mexico’s Agustín Carstens, who Lagarde beat out for the post, […] Read More >

U.S. Cable Reveals Honduran Resistance Sought Weapons In Nicaragua After 2009 Coup

After the ouster in 2009 of then-Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, the country’s resistance movement sought to obtain weapons from neighboring Nicaragua, according to a confidential cable released by Wikileaks. According […] Read More >

Peru To Pass Colombia As World’s Largest Coca Producer, UN Report Says

Peru may soon take over the title of world’s top coca producer from Colombia, according to a report released Thursday by the United Nations (UN). For the fifth straight year, […] Read More >

Mexico Authorities Arrest Leader Of La Familia Drug Cartel

Mexican federal authorities apprehended Tuesday the alleged leader of the cult-like, quasi-Christian La Familia drug cartel and claim that his arrest is a major blow to the violent crime group […] Read More >

FARC Kidnap Colombian Mayoral Candidate; Car Bomb Rattles Popayán While Another Attack Is Thwarted

Political violence in the lead-up to Colombia’s regional elections continued as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group kidnapped a mayoral candidate in the country’s central Meta province. […] Read More >

Mexico’s Calderón Agrees To Meet With Poet-Activist Sicilia

Mexican President Felipe Calderón agreed to meet with the poet-turned-activist who recently led a high profile march through Mexico to protest the violence related to the country’s ongoing drug war. […] Read More >

McCain Blames Wildfires In Arizona On Undocumented Immigrants

Republican Arizona Senator John McCain said that the state’s raging wildfires were started in part by undocumented immigrants, who light fires in the wilderness for warmth, to send signals and […] Read More >