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104 Police Officers In Ecuador Fined For Last Year’s Uprising Against Correa

Today in Latin America Top Story — A total of 104 police officers in Ecuador were given fines of up to $5,000 for misusing public funds during last year’s uprising […] Read More >

Ecuador’s Correa Wins Referendum; Critics Worry About Consolidation Of Power

Today in Latin America Top Story — President Rafael Correa of Ecuador claimed victory in a referendum on a number of government and social reforms Saturday, paving the way for […] Read More >

Ecuador Asks U.S. Ambassador To Leave; Calls Move ‘Justifiable’

QUITO — Ecuador’s foreign ministry said yesterday that it was expelling the U.S. ambassador for accusing the just-retired national police commander of corruption and speculating that President Rafael Correa knew […] Read More >

Ecuador Sends Aid To Galapagos After Islands Hit By Tsunami From Japan

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Ecuadoran government sent six tons of water and food to the Galapagos Islands, after the area was hit by a tsunami caused […] Read More >

Chevron Fined For Environmental Damage By Ecuadorean Court

Today in Latin America Top Story — Chevron Corp. will appeal an Ecuadorean court’s order on Monday to pay more than $8 billion dollars for decades of environmental damage. The […] Read More >

Ecuador Detains 46 Police Officers; Obama Calls Correa To Ask For Calm

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Ecuadoran government detained 46 police officers who allegedly participated in last week’s revolt against President Rafael Correa in which five people died […] Read More >

Ecuador Declares State of Emergency; Rafael Correa Calls Protests “Coup d’État”

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Ecuadoran government declared a state of emergency Thursday after protests by police officers and members of the military turned ugly and sent […] Read More >

Ecuadorean Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Colombian Presidential Candidate Juan Manuel Santos

Today in Latin America Top Story — An Ecuadorean court issued an arrest warrant for Colombian presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos that could threaten ties between Colombia and Ecuador, according […] Read More >

Ecuador’s President Correa Calls for More Oil Revenue; Threatens To Nationalize Foreign Companies

Today in Latin America Top Story — Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa said he will push legislation to allow the expropriation of private oil companies from Spain, Brazil, Italy and China if […] Read More >