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Colombian Peace Talks Continue Today

Peace talks are set to continue today between the warring factions of the Colombian political establishment. President Juan Manuel Santos and “No” campaign leader Sen. Alvaro Uribe met for three […] Read More >

All Eyes On Uribe After Colombia’s ‘No’ Vote

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA URIBE’S MOMENT: Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe wrested control of the country’s peace process after the surprising victory of the “No” campaign on Sunday quashed the deal […] Read More >

Brother of Former Colombian President Arrested on Charges of Running a Death Squad

Top Story — Colombian authorities have arrested the brother of current Senator and former President Álvaro Uribe in Medellín on charges of organizing a paramilitary group that was linked to dozens […] Read More >

Álvaro Uribe Defends Himself Against Corruption Charges

Top Story — Colombia’s former president Álvaro Uribe appeared in congress Wednesday to defend himself against claims of corruption and ties to violent paramilitary groups. Leftist Sen. Ivan Cepeda spoke […] Read More >

Colombia: Ex-Security Chief Accused In Drug Trafficking, Wiretapping Schemes

Top Story — A recently-unsealed document U.S. indictment revealed that Colombia’s former security chief, Ex-General Mauricio Santoyo Velasco, has been charged with conspiracy to export cocaine to the United States while he […] Read More >

Colombia: Warrant Out For Ex-Peace Commissioner

Today in Latin America Top Story —  A warrant was issued Thursday for the arrest of Luis Carlos Restrepo, Colombia’s peace commissioner from 2002-2009, for allegedly organizing a fake guerrilla […] Read More >

Colombia Disbands Intelligence Agency Following Scandals

Today in Latin America Top Story — Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos announced the official end of his country’s scandal-ridden intelligence service Monday. The announcement does not come as a […] Read More >

Colombia: Santos Shakes Up Military Leadership

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos reshuffled his country’s military top brass after the announcement of a new injection of over $800 million in defense spending for the Andean nation. Santos […] Read More >

Colombia: Santos Celebrates First Year In Office With New Strategy To Fight FARC

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos celebrated his first full year in office Sunday by vowing to set new strategies in the government’s decades-long war with left-wing guerrillas. Speaking in Bogotá, […] Read More >

Honduran Military Patrols Rural Regions To Fight Drug Traffickers; Employs Brazilian Planes

The Honduran military announced earlier this week that it would now be patrolling rural regions in an effort to bump up security in the country with the highest homicide rate […] Read More >