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Pope Francis Champions Indigenous Peoples During Mexico Trip, But Avoids Criticizing Government

Top Story — Pope Francis left for Mexico’s Michoacán state on Tuesday morning, where he plans to meet with young people in the capital Morelia, a major narco-trafficking hub. The visit […] Read More >

Ciudad Juárez Prison Riot Leaves At Least 17 Dead

At least 17 people, inlcuding one woman, were killed during a shootout in a prison in the Mexican border of Ciudad Juárez. Authorities said that inmates who were attempting to breakout […] Read More >

Ciudad Juárez Human Trafficking Raid: Mexican Police Detain Over 1,000

Today in Latin America Top Story — More than 1,000 people were detained over the weekend in Ciudad Juárez during raids aimed at combatting human trafficking. Two dozen bars, hotels […] Read More >

U.S. Immigration Agent Killed By Gunmen In Mexico

Today in Latin America Top Story — Gunmen in Mexico killed a U.S. Immigration agent and seriously wounded another Tuesday as the agents drove north of Mexico City. It is […] Read More >

Three Teenagers Killed In Ciudad Juárez, Mexico; Two U.S. Citizens

Today in Latin America Top Story — Three teenage boys were shot to death in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez, with at least two of them being U.S. […] Read More >

Violent Weekend In Mexico As Drug Violence Spreads Throughout The Country

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexico suffered a string of violent episodes over the weekend, as drug cartels continued to destabilize the country. In the most recent wave […] Read More >

Mexican Drug Cartels Threaten Freedom Of Press; Bilateral Solution Needed, Panel Says

NEW YORK — Luis Carlos Santiago’s last moments were spent in a shopping mall parking lot in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juárez. Around two in the afternoon on […] Read More >

Gunmen In Mexico Kill Six People At Family Reunion; Marine And Three Zetas Die In Monterrey

Today in Latin America Top Story — Men armed with assault rifles opened fire Friday during a family reunion in the northern Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, killing six people […] Read More >

Video Emerges In The Shooting Of Mexican Boy By Border Agents; Elicits Criticism From Calderón

Today in Latin America Top Story — A cellphone video, released Thursday, appears to show a U.S. Border Patrol agent stopping several people attempting to cross the international border between […] Read More >

Barrio Azteca Member Ricardo Valles Confesses to Participating in U.S. Consulate Murders

Today in Latin America Top Story — Barrio Azteca gang member Ricardo Valles has confessed to participating in the recent murders of three people connected to the U.S. Consulate in […] Read More >