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Twelve Mexican Police Die In Ambush While Investigating Murders

Today in Latin America Top Story — Gunmen in Mexico ambushed and killed twelve Guerrero state police officers Sunday night as they traveled in pickups to search for the bodies […] Read More >

Mexican Drug Cartel Knights Templar Releases Booklet With Code Of Conduct

A Mexican drug cartel calling themselves the Knights Templar – after the famed Western Christian military order – is distributing booklets to the public asserting that it is fighting against […] Read More >

Mexico Authorities Arrest Leader Of La Familia Drug Cartel

Mexican federal authorities apprehended Tuesday the alleged leader of the cult-like, quasi-Christian La Familia drug cartel and claim that his arrest is a major blow to the violent crime group […] Read More >

51 Dead In Mexico’s Drug Violence; 15 Beheaded in Acapulco

Today in Latin America Top Story — Drug-related violence in Mexico took the lives of 51 people over the weekend, including 15 decapitations in the resort  town of Acapulco. The […] Read More >

La Familia Cartel Announces Death Of Leader On Mexican Television

Today in Latin America Top Story — In a recording broadcast Wednesday by a Mexican television network, a top member of Mexico’s La Familia drug cartel confirmed the death of […] Read More >

Mexico’s La Familia Cartel Offers To Dissolve If Mexico Protects Its Citizens

Today in Latin America Top Story — A letter allegedly sent by one of Mexico’s major drug cartels, which offers to dissolve the group if the government promises to protect […] Read More >

Violence in Mexican Town Of Zitacuaro, Michoacán, Leaves 27 Dead; President Calderón Defends Anti-Drug Efforts

Today in Latin America Top Story — A surge of violence swept through Mexico Monday and left 27 people dead, including 10 federal police officers. In the western town of […] Read More >

Shootout In Mexico Leaves Eight People Dead

Today in Latin America Top Story – A shootout in the northern Mexican city of Torreón that began in a shopping mall and continued onto a highway left eight people […] Read More >