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Colombian Corporal Sentenced for Passing off Dead Civilians as FARC

December 1, 2011 By Staff

Today in Latin America

Top Story — A Colombian judge sentenced Corporal Luis Alejandro Toledo to 54 years in prison for passing off murdered civilians as members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Toledo, who was found guilty of forced disappearance, murder, and conspiracy to commit a crime,  is one of thousands of Colombian soldiers under investigation for “false positives” — the term used for the practice of posing dead civilians with weapons to make them look like armed FARC guerrillas that were killed in combat. Toledo reportedly admitted that he did not act alone, and said that he and other soldiers from his unit lured three men to an isolated farm in November 2007 under the pretense of offering them work, killed the men, and then posed them with weapons that the soldiers had purchased themselves. The Colombian attorney general’s office is investigating over 1500 similar cases.

Read more from the BBC.

Headlines from the Western Hemisphere

North America

  • The Mexican government issued a critical statement Wednesday directed towards authorities in the state of Sonora, who said that murdered activist Nepomuceno Moreno had a criminal record.
  • The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a measure Tuesday that would increase the number of family-based visas permitted each year in an effort to shorten visa approval wait times.
  • Authorities investigating a newly-discovered U.S.-Mexico drug tunnel found 32 tons of marijuana and electric rail cars, hydraulic doors and an elevator.


Central America


Southern Cone

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