Latin America: Week in Review, Venezuela

Hugo Chavez Wins Venezuela Elections

October 8, 2012 By Staff

Top Story —  Hugo Chávez won the presidential election on Sunday, defeating his opponent Henrique Capriles by over 1 million votes, with 54% of the vote. This will be Chávez’s third re-election after almost 14 years in office.

The elections saw a high turnout and voting was extended past the closing time of polling stations.  The electoral council president said that stations where voters hadn’t been able to cast their ballots would remain open.

Read more at Aljazeera.

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John El-Amin says:

Dear Brothers and Sisters. First I would like to congratulate President Chavez and the people of Venezuela on the election.
I would also like to give honor and praise to President Evo Morales on his UN presenta

Then I would like to say that as an American- please DONOT trust representatives from the US government- the US corporations wish to steal and exploit
Your resources, dominate your countries, turn brother against brother and export it’s violence to you.

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