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Chávez Withdraws Venezuela From Andean Trade Pact; Blames Colombia & Peru Free Trade Agreement With U.S.

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuela will withdraw its membership from the Andean Community of Nations trade pact today, due to Colombia and Peru signing free trade agreements […] Read More >

Chávez Visits Argentina To Receive Press Award; Signs Commercial Accords

Today in Latin America Top Story — Following on the heels of Barack Obama’s Latin American tour, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez hit the road to visit Uruguay, Bolivia, Colombia and […] Read More >

Hugo Chávez Accuses U.S. & Political Opponents Of Preparing For War In Libya

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez accused his political opponents over the weekend of trying to divide the military in a move aimed at creating […] Read More >

Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi Is Not In Venezuela, Officials Say

Today in Latin America Top Story — Rumors swirled Monday that Libyan strongman Colonel Muammar Gaddafi fled to Venezuela due to unrest in his North African nation, but both countries […] Read More >

Venezuelan Lawmakers Come to Blows on Floor of National Assembly

Today in Latin America Top Story — A fistfight broke out between two members of Venezuela’s National Assembly Thursday, The Associated Press reports. The fight erupted when opposition legislator Alfonso […] Read More >

Chávez Celebrates 12 Years In Power; Prepares For 2012 Elections

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez celebrated 12 years in power Wednesday and asked his supporters continue with the country’s socialist revolution. Chávez, who admitted that […] Read More >

Hugo Chávez Won’t Give Up Decree Powers In Venezuela

Today in Latin America Top Story — Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said Thursday he won’t relinquish special legislative powers, which he hinted he might do earlier this week. Facing a […] Read More >

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez Says May Relinquish Decree Power Early; Calls For National Conciliation

Today in Latin America Top Story — Facing a Congress with an increased opposition presence, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has adopted a more conciliatory tone. In a speech to the […] Read More >

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Suggests Sean Penn, Bill Clinton or Oliver Stone for Ambassador Position

Today in Latin America Top Story — With uncertainty looming over Larry Palmer’s nomination as ambassador to Venezuela, on Tuesday Hugo Chávez jokingly suggested a number of people that he […] Read More >

Venezuela Approves Changes In Media Laws; Chávez Critics Worry About Free Speech

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Venezuelan congress approved two controversial measures late Monday night that put new regulations on the country’s internet and telecommunications systems.  One part of […] Read More >