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US Deports Salvadoran ‘Dirty War’ General

Top Story — U.S. authorities on Wednesday deported a ex-army general from El Salvador for his alleged role in human rights abuses during that country’s civil war, which ran from […] Read More >

Former El Salvador General Charged with Torture Loses Deportation Appeal

Top Story — The U.S. Board of Immigration Appeals struck down Wednesday the request of a former high-ranking El Salvadoran official that he not be extradited back to his home […] Read More >

Rudy Giuliani Will Advise El Salvador on Security, Justice Reform

On Dec. 2, El Salvador’s business community announced it had hired former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to advise the Salvadoran government on how to curb soaring crime driven […] Read More >

As The World Looks To Mexico, News From Another Massacre Goes Unnoticed

The world has been focusing for almost two months on the disappearance and reported killing of 43 Mexican students by a drug gang — an act in which government forces […] Read More >

Violence Against Women Is Widespread in El Salvador’s Gangs

Top Story — The number of women and girls immigrating to the United States from Central America after being kidnapped or raped has risen sharply over the last year, The […] Read More >

Community Roundtable in El Salvador Seeks to Mitigate Violence

ILOPANGO, El Salvador — In 2012, the two major Salvadoran gangs, MS-13 and the 18th Street Gang, brokered a truce supported by the government. The gang leaders agreed to stop […] Read More >

Officials Make Plans to Address Migrant Crisis, Despite Tensions

Top Story – Officials from the U.S., Mexico and Central America are moving to address the unaccompanied minor crisis, but friction over the issue persists. U.S. justice officials met on […] Read More >

El Salvador: Reported Truce Between Gangs Raises Questions

Today in Latin America Top Story — Leaders of El Salvador’s Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18 gangs confirmed Friday that they have reached a truce which they say has contributed to […] Read More >

El Salvador Election: ARENA Claims Narrow Victory Over FMLN

Today in Latin America Top Story — El Salvador’s right-wing Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) party narrowly earned a victory in Sunday’s midterm elections and now holds a greater number of seats than […] Read More >

El Salvador’s Supreme Court Not Ready to Detain and Extradite Officers to Spain

Today in Latin America Top Story — El Salvador’s highest court ruled Wednesday that nine former military officers will not be extradited to Spain to face charges for their alleged […] Read More >