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Strikes Suspend Transportation Across Argentina

Top Story — A 24-hour strike on Tuesday by transportation unions in Argentina caused a domino effect that led to the cancellation of domestic and international flights, school and bank […] Read More >

Podcast: The Nisman Affair

– Latin America Radio Dispatch is a new podcast produced by Camilo Vargas, Camila Osorio and Dusty Christensen. Look for us in the iTunes store. The shocking story of federal […] Read More >

Argentina Lags Behind in Signing Landmark Anti-Tobacco Treaty

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – As countries worldwide move toward reducing tobacco use among their citizens, Argentina remains one of seven U.N. member states — and the only one […] Read More >

The Nisman Affair

The shocking story of federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman is one that has rocked Argentina for months — or for decades, if you want to go all the way back to […] Read More >

Accusations of Embezzlement in Battle Over Argentine Prosecutor’s Legacy

Top Story — Argentina’s government on Wednesday lent its support to an accusation that the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman embezzled public funds while he was investigating President Cristina Fernández for […] Read More >

Case Against President Cristina Fernández Dismissed

Top Story — A federal judge in Argentina has dismissed a criminal complaint against President Cristina Fernández that has captivated the country since the prosecutor working on the case, Alberto […] Read More >

Thousands March in Argentina One Month After Prosecutor’s Death

Buenos Aires was the scene of a major protest on Wednesday as thousands held a rally to express their dissatisfaction with President Cristina Fernández’s handling of the investigation into the […] Read More >

Investigation Into Argentine President Will Resume

In the latest twist in a case that has captivated Argentina over the past month, a federal prosecutor has decided to move forward with accusations that President Cristina Fernández and […] Read More >

Forensic Report Casts Doubt on Government Account in Mexico’s Missing Students Case

Top Story — An investigation conducted by a world-renowned team of forensic experts called into question the Mexican government’s verdict on the fate of the 43 students missing since September […] Read More >

Argentine President Courts Controversy With Tweet From China

Top Story — Argentine President Cristina Fernández on Wednesday attracted renewed controversy with a social media post mocking the speech of Chinese people, her hosts on a trip taken in […] Read More >