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Chilean Student Protesters Vow to Continue Marches

The leaders of Chile’s main student protest group promised that they will continue their campaign despite the approval of the country’s controversial education budget. At a press conference held on […] Read More >

Chile: Protestors Interrupt Congress To Demand Educational Reform

Today in Latin America Top Story — A Senate committee meeting in Chile was interrupted Thursday by student demonstrators and other protesters demanding a popular referendum to the country’s social […] Read More >

Chile To Invoke State Security Law After Clashes With Students

Today in Latin America Top Story — A two-day national strike in Chile called by protesting students and supported by the country’s labor union umbrella organization got off to a […] Read More >

Chile: Police Crackdown On Protests As Student Leaders Call Off Talks

Today in Latin America Top Story — Police in Chile stepped up efforts to prevent protesters for education reform from gathering in any significant numbers, after student leaders broke off […] Read More >

Chile: Piñera Promises Education Spending As Meetings With Students Kick Off

In an effort to end the almost five months of protests and unrest, the Chilean government proposed yesterday to increase public spending by five percent and add 7.2 percent to […] Read More >

Chilean Students Agree To Talks After Months Of Protests

The protests and unrest that have spread through Chile in the past four months may be coming to an end as Chile’s student federation agreed to discuss educational reforms with […] Read More >