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Latin American Ministers Will Meet in Havana to Discuss Ebola Fight

Top Story — Top health officials from several Latin American countries are meeting today in Havana, Cuba, to discuss joint efforts to combat Ebola, as fears grow over the virus’ […] Read More >

IKEA Used Cuban Dissidents to Manufacture Furniture: Report

Top Story — Already in deep water over allegations that it used prisoners from the former East Germany to make its products, Swedish home furnishing giant IKEA now faces charges […] Read More >

Fidel Castro Is Dead, Says Unfounded And Likely False Twitter Rumor

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has passed away, according to an unverified rumor that spread like a forest fire through the social media site Twitter Monday evening. The rumor is […] Read More >

Fidel Castro Wants To Talk Food, Evo Morales Says

UNITED NATIONS — Former Cuban head of state Fidel Castro has taken a renewed interest in food production, Bolivian President Evo Morales said Wednesday. Speaking at the United Nations, Morales […] Read More >

Cable Reveals Corruption & Mistreatment Of Cuban Doctors Working In Venezuela

Cuban doctors working in poor regions of Venezuela face miserable working conditions, inadequate medical supplies and the fear of constantly being monitored by co-workers, according to a leaked U.S. diplomatic […] Read More >

Venezuela Releases Photos & Videos Of Ailing Chávez Chatting With Fidel Castro

Cuban and Venezuelan state media released photos and videos of ailing Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez reading a newspaper and chatting with Cuba’s former leader, Fidel Castro. The footage, which is […] Read More >

Castro Critical Of U.S. Attack That Killed Osama bin Laden

Today in Latin America Top Story — Fidel Castro, the former Cuban head of state, called the U.S.  killing of Al Queda leader Osama Bin Laden an “abhorrent deed,” describing […] Read More >

Cuba Shuffles Communist Party Leadership And Approves Economic Reforms

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Cuban Communist Party changed its leadership Tuesday, but gave little indication as to whom they planned to entrust the revolution as the […] Read More >

Cuba Condemns Call of Duty: Black Ops Video Game

Today in Latin America Top Story — Cuba condemned the release of a new video game that allows gamers to play as a United States special forces agent attempting to […] Read More >

Fidel Castro Apologizes For Treatment Of Gays During The Revolution

Today in Latin America Top Story — Former Cuban President Fidel Castro has been in the news a good amount recently. In an interview with the Mexican newspaper La Jornada, […] Read More >