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Chilean Man Dies After Anti-Gay Beating As Chile Debates Anti-Discrimination Law

Today in Latin America Top Story — Daniel Zamudio, the 24 year-old Chilean man who was attacked and brutally beaten by suspected Neo-Nazis, died of his wounds on Tuesday night […] Read More >

Guatemalan Paramilitaries Sentenced To 7,710 Years For Massacre

Today in Latin America Top Story — Five former Guatemalan paramilitaries were sentenced Tuesday to a total of 7,710 years in jail each for their participation in the 1982 massacre of […] Read More >

Venezuela: 1,200 Visitors Held Hostage In Prison Released

Today in Latin America Top Story — Inmates in Venezuela’s Uribana Jail on Wednesday released approximately 1,200 hostages that they prevented from leaving on Sunday during visiting hours, an apparent attempt […] Read More >

Former Guatemalan Dictator Ordered to make Court Appearance

Today in Latin America Top Story — Former Guatemalan military dictator Efraín Ríos Montt was ordered Saturday to appear in court this Thursday for an investigation of genocide committed during […] Read More >

Mexico Authorities Abuse Human Rights In Drug War Fight, Report Says

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican authorities, including the widely esteemed and U.S.-trained Marines, have committed hundreds of human rights abuses, according to a report issued by Human […] Read More >

Mexico’s National Security Law Can’t Be Evaluated, Says PRI’s Navarrete

Facing the opposition of human rights groups and deputies from the PRD, Convergencia and PT parties, the PRI’s Alfonso Navarrete Prida announced Thursday that there is not enough time to […] Read More >

Mexico’s National Security Law Proposal Prompts Human Rights Concerns

As the deadline nears for the Mexican Congress to approve controversial changes to the country’s National Security Law, Mexican human rights advocates are rallying against revisions that they say could […] Read More >

Calderón’s Proposal To Try Mexican Soldiers In Civilian Courts Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Human Rights Groups Say

Today in Latin America Top Story — Human rights groups criticized a proposal by Mexican President Felipe Calderón to try soldiers in civilian courts, saying the law would not go […] Read More >

Mexican Soldiers Kill Two At Checkpoint; Obama Administration Considers Increase In Military Aid

Today in Latin America Top Story — Two people were shot dead at a military checkpoint in northern Mexico, authorities said Monday. Soldiers attacked a car passing a military checkpoint, saying […] Read More >

Fidel Castro Makes First Television Appearance in 11 Months; Discusses Middle East and North Korea

Today in Latin America Top Story — Cuba’s former leader, Fidel Castro, made his first television appearance in 11 months on Monday when he was interviewed on the Cuban talkshow […] Read More >