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Officials Make Plans to Address Migrant Crisis, Despite Tensions

Top Story – Officials from the U.S., Mexico and Central America are moving to address the unaccompanied minor crisis, but friction over the issue persists. U.S. justice officials met on […] Read More >

Border Patrol Will No Longer Fly Deportees to Mexico From Arizona

Top Story — The U.S. Border Patrol will stop flying deportees back to Mexico from Arizona, according to the Associated Press. The controversial program flew more than 125,000 people since […] Read More >

Immigration Activists Join May Day Protests

NEW YORK CITY — Thousands of immigration activists and undocumented workers joined labor unions and Occupy Wall Street protesters Tuesday  to commemorate the international workers’ holiday, May Day. Similar protests were […] Read More >

Restrictive Immigration Laws Undermine Job Growth, Study Says

NEW YORK — Restrictive immigration policies undermine job creation and may adversely affect the business environment in other ways, according to a study released Thursday. The Americas Society, a New […] Read More >

Immigration Reform Advocates Announce DREAM Act Scholarships In New York

NEW YORK – The New York Immigration Coalition and the Fund for Public Advocacy launched a scholarship program Monday night aimed at undocumented students that would be eligible for the […] Read More >

Text Of Utah Immigration Law, HB 497

The Utah state legislature passed HB 497 in March, with the goal of cracking down on illegal immigration. It has been compared to Arizona’s SB 1070 because it requires people […] Read More >

Supreme Court Considers Arizona Law Targeting Undocumented Immigrant Workers

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court grappled last week over whether the state of Arizona has authority to implement standards and penalties on employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers. The […] Read More >

Immigration Enforcement Program Secure Communities Sparks Protest In New York

NEW YORK – Immigrant rights activists protested Thursday against a federal program known as Secure Communities that requires police to pass finger prints of those it arrests to Immigration and […] Read More >

Anti-Illegal Immigration Program, Secure Communities, Stirs Debate In New York

NEW YORK — A new federal program called Secure Communities makes many residents of New York feel anything but safe. Piloted in 2008, the policy requires local police to share […] Read More >

California Supreme Court Allows Undocumented Immigrants To Get Reduced College Tuition

Today in Latin America Top Story — California’s state Supreme Court ruled Monday in a unanimous vote that undocumented immigrants who graduated from state high schools can continue to receive […] Read More >