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Central American Immigrants Rest In Northern Mexico On Their Journey To The United States (Photo Essay)

SALTILLO, Mexico — Every year an estimated 300,000 migrants — mostly from Central America — cross Mexico’s southern border on their way to the United States. It’s a dangerous journey […] Read More >

Mexican Authorites Find 513 Undocumented Migrants Hidden In Trucks

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican authorities Tuesday found 513 undocumented migrants inside two tractor trailers in the southern state of Chiapas. Chiapas state police found the largest […] Read More >

Undocumented Immigrant Youth Support DREAM Act By Coming Out Of The Shadows

NEW YORK — Melissa Garcia Velez didn’t look nervous when she took up the microphone in the center of New York’s Union Square, although what she was about to say […] Read More >

May Day Marchers Demand Respect For Immigrants’ Rights

NEW YORK — In celebration of this year’s May Day, thousands of people took to the streets in lower Manhattan, demanding more jobs, higher wages, social security, and respect for […] Read More >

Bloomberg Urges Conservatives To Accept Immigration; Repeats Call For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Today in Latin America Top Story — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg urged conservatives to accept immigration as necessary for economic growth, during an interview with Fox on Sunday. […] Read More >

Number Of Undocumented Immigrants Levels Off In U.S.

Today in Latin America Top Story –The number of undocumented immigrants in the United States leveled off at around 11 million last year, according to a study released on Tuesday […] Read More >

Immigration Enforcement Program Secure Communities Sparks Protest In New York

NEW YORK – Immigrant rights activists protested Thursday against a federal program known as Secure Communities that requires police to pass finger prints of those it arrests to Immigration and […] Read More >

Immigration Drove Population Growth Over Last Decade In U.S., Says Census Bureau

Today in Latin America Top Story — The United States Census Bureau released estimates on Monday that showed that the U.S. population grew to somewhere between 306 million and 313 million […] Read More >

Anti-Illegal Immigration Program, Secure Communities, Stirs Debate In New York

NEW YORK — A new federal program called Secure Communities makes many residents of New York feel anything but safe. Piloted in 2008, the policy requires local police to share […] Read More >

Arizona’s Immigration Law Debated In Federal Appeals Court

Today in Latin America Top Story — A federal appeals court on Monday said that Arizona may be permitted to require police officers to check the immigration status of suspected […] Read More >