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Arizona Immigration Law SB1070 Engineered By Prison Industry, According To NPR

NEW YORK — Arizona immigration law SB1070 has ignited heated debate across the country, but recent reports have identified a surprising spark that may have started the legislation. After several […] Read More >

Hispanic Voices Become More Influential As Midterm Elections Approach

NEW YORK— Immigration has become a divisive topic in the upcoming mid-term elections, prompting speculation that the slow pace of proposed immigration reform legislation has disillusioned Hispanics enough to make […] Read More >

Nevada “Don’t Vote” Campaign Stirs Up Controversy; Immigration Takes Center Stage

Today in Latin America Top Story — A political ad drive in the state of Nevada has stirred up controversy with Latino voters by claiming that the best way to […] Read More >

Protesters Demand Restraints on Federal Involvement in Immigration Enforcement in New York City Jails

NEW YORK — Too many Latinos in New York City are silently disappearing after entering city jails, activists said Tuesday at a downtown New York rally. After crossing the Brooklyn […] Read More >

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Methods Earn Him Elections, But Also Protests And A Federal Lawsuit (Part 3 of 3)

PHOENIX —  Mere blocks away from the gleaming, air-conditioned conference room of the U.S. Attorney’s office in downtown Phoenix, Rob McElwain, long mustache barely visible under his straw hat, stands […] Read More >

Does Illegal Immigration Cause Violent Crime In Arizona? (Part 2 of 3)

PHOENIX —  The sun glared off the polished wood of a conference table in downtown Phoenix, but U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke — who was also at the table during SB1070’s […] Read More >

Immigration Debate Centers On Arizona, As Mid-Term Elections Approach (Part 1 of 3)

MESA, Arizona — Primary election day found Senator Russell Pearce with droplets of sweat rolling down his forehead behind his orange, round-rimmed sunglasses. He tried to rub them away from […] Read More >

Democrats Have The Latino Vote in Midterm Elections, Study Reports

NEW YORK — Latino support leans toward the Democratic Party ahead of November, a new report shows. The Pew Hispanic Center study released Tuesday shows that two thirds of registered […] Read More >

Deported Student Saad Nabeel Fights For Family’s Return From Bangladesh

NEW YORK — Saad Nabeel was 18 when he was handcuffed next to his mother and escorted to a separate detention center. This move – separating mother from minor – […] Read More >

Stephen Colbert To Testify Before House Committee On Immigration

Today in Latin America Top Story — Late night television star Stephen Colbert plans to testify at a congressional hearing this Friday on immigration. The host of Comedy Central’s “The […] Read More >