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No Cooperation With Federal Immigration Enforcement, D.C. Mayor Says

Today in Latin America Top Story — Washington D.C.’s mayor Vincent C. Gray said Wednesday that the police and other public agencies in the nation’s capital will not cooperate with […] Read More >

Immigration Policy: ICE Detainers Challenged By Lawsuit

NEW YORK — Jose Jimenez Moreno has spent the last seven months in a jail in Winnebago County, Illinois, while he awaits trial for drug-related charges. If not for a […] Read More >

Jose Antonio Vargas & Immigration Activists Launch DREAM Act Initiative

NEW YORK — Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas and a number of faith-based immigration activists launched an initiative to pass the DREAM Act Thursday in New York. Speaking at […] Read More >

Mexico’s Drug War Refugees Rarely Secure Asylum In United States

EL PASO, Texas – A young police woman in her early 30s volunteered to uphold the law in a society fed by narco-violence, but faced insurmountable opposition. She was forced to […] Read More >

Immigration Policy Tweaked: 300,000 Deportation Cases Under Review

Today in Latin America Top Story— The Obama administration said Thursday that undocumented students and other low-priority immigration offenders will not be targeted for deportation under enforcement programs. Instead, authorities will focus on […] Read More >

Immigration Reform Activists And ICE Reach Impasse Over Secure Communities

NEW YORK – When the governors of Illinois, New York and Massachusetts announced in quick succession that they would pull away from Secure Communities, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director […] Read More >

McCain Blames Wildfires In Arizona On Undocumented Immigrants

Republican Arizona Senator John McCain said that the state’s raging wildfires were started in part by undocumented immigrants, who light fires in the wilderness for warmth, to send signals and […] Read More >

Alabama Passes Country’s Toughest Immigration Law Yet

Republican Governor of Alabama Robert Bentley Thursday signed a law cracking down on illegal immigration that many in the news media are describing as the nation’s toughest. The law instructs […] Read More >

Immigrant Opportunities Initiative Threatened By New York City Budget Cuts

NEW YORK — City council members and leaders of New York City’s immigrant communities rallied Tuesday on the steps of City Hall to save the Immigrant Opportunities Initiative (IOI), an […] Read More >

Uruguay’s Growing Economy Stimulates Reverse Migration

MONTEVIDEO — It was the worst economic crisis in the history of Uruguay when Martín González and Gustavo López decided to emigrate overseas to find work. Nine years later, they […] Read More >