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Colombian Government and FARC Agree on Process to Free Kidnapped General

An agreement has been reached between FARC rebels and the Colombia government on steps to release Gen. Rubén Darío Alzate, according to a statement released by the Cuban and Norwegian […] Read More >

Kidnapped Honduran Radio Journalist Found Murdered

Top Story — Honduran police have arrested a suspect in the murder of kidnapped RHN radio journalist Alfredo Villatoro, whose body was discovered in Tegucigalpa late Tuesday. Villatoro, a prominent Honduran journalist and […] Read More >

Honduras: Second Journalist Kidnapped in One Week

Top Story — Honduran radio journalist Angel Alfredo Villatoro was kidnapped Wednesday just a few days after authorities discovered the body of another journalist, Erick Martínez, on the side of a […] Read More >

Colombia’s FARC Holding French Journalist Hostage

Top Story — The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) claimed Tuesday that they are holding the missing French journalist Romeo Langlois as a “prisoner of war” after he was captured in a […] Read More >

Peru: Shining Path Leader Says Kidnapping Achieved Objectives

Today in Latin America Top Story — Shining Path rebel leader Martin Quispe Palomino said in a television broadcast Wednesday that the guerrilla group kidnapped 36 gas construction workers as part of […] Read More >

Costa Rican Diplomat Freed In Venezuela After Kidnapping

Today in Latin America Top Story — Kidnapped Costa Rican diplomat Guillermo Cholele was released Tuesday with a head injury but was otherwise in good health after his abduction in Caracas, Venezuela on […] Read More >

Mexico: Escaped Kidnapping Victim Kills 4, Dies In Gunfight

Today in Latin America Top Story — Mexican police killed a man believed to be the victim of a kidnapping after he killed two of his captors, a former police officer, […] Read More >

Colombia: Eleven Kidnapped Oil Workers Still Missing

Today in Latin America Top Story — Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón announced Wednesday that at least  eleven oil workers remained missing in northeastern Colombia after being kidnapped by an […] Read More >

Colombia’s FARC Says It Will Release Hostages, End Ransom Kidnappings

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) announced on its website Sunday that it would no longer engage in ransom kidnappings to fund […] Read More >