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Mexico Amps Up Pressure On Zetas With New Anti-Drug Strategy

In a policy shift that could end in even more bloodshed, the Mexican government remodeled its anti-drug strategy to direct added attention to the violent Zetas paramilitary cartel. News of […] Read More >

Mexico Debates Drug War Death Toll Figure Amid Government Silence

Today in Latin America Top Story — With no official figure released for the death toll in Mexico’s drug war for the last six months, the country’s news media are […] Read More >

Tens Of Thousands March To Protest Drug War Violence In Mexico

Tens of thousands of Mexicans participated in a nationwide march for peace on Sunday, protesting the violence that has killed nearly 40,000 of their countrymen and demanding an end to […] Read More >

2010 Brings Record Violence In Mexico’s Drug War

Today in Latin America Top Story — The year 2010 brought the most drug-related deaths in Mexico since President Felipe Calderón launched his offensive against the country’s cartels in 2006. […] Read More >

Calderón’s Proposal To Try Mexican Soldiers In Civilian Courts Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Human Rights Groups Say

Today in Latin America Top Story — Human rights groups criticized a proposal by Mexican President Felipe Calderón to try soldiers in civilian courts, saying the law would not go […] Read More >

Journalists Are Major Targets in Mexico’s Drug War; Bloggers Use Twitter To Report

Two Sundays ago, in an unprecedented move, Ciudad Juárez’s El Diario newspaper printed an editorial that asked Mexico’s drug cartels the question of what and what not to publish. The […] Read More >

Mexican News Photographer Shot Dead in Juárez

Today in Latin America Top Story — A Mexican news photographer was shot dead Thursday in the violent border city of Ciudad Juárez. Luis Carlos Santiago,a photographer with the daily El […] Read More >

Mexican Soldiers Kill Two At Checkpoint; Obama Administration Considers Increase In Military Aid

Today in Latin America Top Story — Two people were shot dead at a military checkpoint in northern Mexico, authorities said Monday. Soldiers attacked a car passing a military checkpoint, saying […] Read More >

Mexican Government Raises Figure For Drug War Deaths For Second Time In Four Months

Today in Latin America Top Story — The Mexican government said Tuesday that 28,000 people have been killed since President Felipe Calderón initiated an offensive against the country’s drug cartels […] Read More >

Brother Of Murdered Mexican Gubernatorial Candiate Rodolfo Torre Cantú Will Run In His Place

Today in Latin America Top Story — The brother of a murdered Mexican gubernatorial candidate was named Wednesday his replacement in this weekend’s upcoming election. Rodolfo Torre Cantú’s brother, Egidio Torre, […] Read More >