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Student Protesters Demand Education Reform in Chile

Thousands of students demonstrated in favor of education reform in Chile on Thursday — specifically free higher education — while decrying recent corruption scandals that have rocked the country . […] Read More >

Search Continues in Mexico for Missing Students

Top Story — Police continue to search for over 50 missing students after deadly weekend clashes in Mexico’s Guerrero state left six dead and dozens wounded. The violence began Friday […] Read More >

50 People Injured In Guatemalan Student Protests

Top Story — At least fifty people, including students, journalists, and Guatemala’s ministers of education and the interior, were injured in a Guatemala City park as students protested education reforms on Monday. […] Read More >

Chilean Student Protesters Vow to Continue Marches

The leaders of Chile’s main student protest group promised that they will continue their campaign despite the approval of the country’s controversial education budget. At a press conference held on […] Read More >

Chile: Police Clash With Student Protestors Over Educational Reforms

Today in Latin America Top Story — Chilean police clashed with protesters on Thursday, in a confrontation that led to at least 552 detentions and 29 police injuries. The incident was […] Read More >

Chilean Student Protests: Police Arrest 552

At least 552 people were detained and 29 police injured during student protests in Chile Thursday, where the Sebastián Piñera administration continues to butt heads with students and professors over […] Read More >