Human rights lawyer David Inca Apaza in the Plaza Murillo in La Paz, Bolivia on March 12, 2020. (Photograph by Benjamin Dangl).


State Violence in Áñez’s Bolivia: Interview with Human Rights Lawyer David Inca Apaza

This interview is republished from the North America Conference on Latin America (NACLA). Pigeons flew around the sunny Plaza Murillo in La Paz, Bolivia as I walked toward human rights […] Read More >

In Costa Rica, Defending Indigenous Territory Comes at a Price

Across Latin America, Indigenous territories are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus. In Costa Rica, public health measures have largely prevented infections among the Indigenous population. But for Indigenous territories like […] Read More >

Corona Hits the Cocaine Supply Chain

By Linda Farthing and Thomas Grisaffi Among the many myths about the coronavirus, one of the strangest circulated on Twitter is the belief that snorting cocaine could ward off the […] Read More >

A man mixing up coca leaves to assist the drying process, Chapare, Bolivia. 2019. Photo by Thomas Grisaffi.

Today in Latin America

Costa Rican Lawmakers Cite Coronavirus to Delay Marriage Equality

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA COSTA RICA: A 2018 court ruling to legalize gay marriage is set to take effect on May 26. Some lawmakers are criticizing moves to delay its […] Read More >

Mexico and Brazil Report Highest Single-Day Deaths Since Start of Pandemic

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA MEXICO-BRAZIL: The two largest countries in the region reported their highest coronavirus death tolls in a single day on Tuesday, as the World Health Organization (WHO) […] Read More >

Chile Prepares for Worst Weeks of Coronavirus

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA CHILE: President Sebastián Piñera said that the coronavirus outbreak will reach its peak in the next few weeks, as the number of cases spikes across the […] Read More >