At a market, a man sells Oscar Romero posters and other souvenirs related to the slain bishop.


“Porros”: The Criminal Shock Groups Disrupting Student Protests in Mexico

In Mexico, violent groups likened to goon squads and criminal shock groups have rattled student protestors for decades. In the latest rash of violence, a large group of porros—Spanish slang […] Read More >

A year after María, 150 years after the Grito, Manhattanites march

Late at night a century and a half ago, hundreds of rebels against Spanish rule entered the town of Lares in the western part of Puerto Rico and captured the […] Read More >

Nicaragua poised to clash with US at UN General Assembly

The United States put the roiling domestic unrest in Nicaragua on the UN Security Council’s agenda this month, only days after the country expelled a UN human rights mission sent […] Read More >

Today in Latin America

Trump Threatens to Close Border to Keep Out Migrant Caravan

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA REGION: In his latest anti-immigrant Twitter rant, President Donald Trump threatened to order the military to close the U.S. southern border if Mexican authorities fail to […] Read More >

Brazilian President Temer Charged with Corruption

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BRAZIL: Federal police have filed new corruption charges against President Michel Temer for allegedly accepting illegal payments to steer concessions toward business and personal associates in […] Read More >

President Trump Threatens Honduras to Stop Immigrant Caravan

TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA UNITED STATES : As a caravan of some 2,000 Honduran immigrants continues its march to the United States through Guatemala, President Trump tweeted yesterday that if […] Read More >