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Guatemalan Paramilitaries Sentenced To 7,710 Years For Massacre

Today in Latin America Top Story — Five former Guatemalan paramilitaries were sentenced Tuesday to a total of 7,710 years in jail each for their participation in the 1982 massacre of […] Read More >

Amnesty Denied For Former Guatemalan Dictator Facing Genocide Charges

Today in Latin America Top Story — Guatemalan Judge Miguel Angel Gálvez ruled Thursday that former Guatemalan dictator Efraín Ríos Montt could not receive amnesty from prosecution for war crimes. Ríos Montt, […] Read More >

Guatemala: Former President Mejía Declared Fugitive For Genocide

Today in Latin America Top Story — Former Guatemalan President Óscar Mejía was declared a fugitive on Thursday by authorities who ordered his arrest to face charges of genocide during […] Read More >

Heavy Rains Lash Central America And Leave At Least 19 Dead

Today in Latin America Top Story — Torrential rains caused by a tropical depression have slammed into Central America and left at least 19 people dead, with more than 40,000 […] Read More >

Guatemala: 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Guatemala City

Update: A a spokeswoman in the office of Guatemalan President Álvaro Colom confirmed that three people died in Monday’s earthquake. “There are people buried in the rubble,” Evelyn Ruano said […] Read More >

Pérez Molina Leads Guatemala Election But Faces November Run-Off

The former military general who promised a tough stance on violent crime took first place in Guatemala’s presidential elections Sunday, but failed to garner over 50 percent of the vote […] Read More >

Guatemala: Former Gen. Pérez Molina Leads In Presidential Elections

Today in Latin America Top Story — Former Guatemalan military man Otto Pérez Molina led the country’s presidential race late Sunday evening. Molina, a former general with a questionable human […] Read More >

Guatemala Commemorates Murdered Folk Singer Facundo Cabral

GUATEMALA CITY — People from all sectors of society gathered on the streets of Guatemala City to show their outrage at the murder of Argentine folksinger Facundo Cabral, which took […] Read More >

U.S. Deports Alleged Former Guatemalan Soldier Wanted For 1982 Massacre

 Today in Latin America Top Story — The U.S. government deported Tuesday a Guatemalan man who allegedly participated in a 1982 massacre that left 162 people dead in the Central […] Read More >

Guatemala Detains 2 Suspects In Killing Of Facundo Cabral; Body Returned To Argentina

Two men have been detained in last weekend’s killing of famed Argentine folksinger Facundo Cabral in Guatemala, according to a Guatemalan investigator. The suspects were seen on a hotel surveillance tape […] Read More >