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Chile Officially Recognizes Same-Sex Civil Unions

Top Story — Chilean President Michelle Bachelet signed a bill into law Monday that recognizes civil unions between same-sex couples, a historic piece of legislation that has been in the […] Read More >

Ratings Plunge for Brazil, Chile Leaders

Top Story — The leaders of Brazil and Chile are facing their lowest approval ratings yet, a phenomenon owed to some combination of economic stagnation, political scandals and natural disasters, […] Read More >

Pinochet Bodyguard and Ex-Mayor Arrested in Santiago

Top Story — Chilean authorities have arrested a former aide to Gen. Augusto Pinochet, accusing him of committing various atrocities under the 1973-1990 military dictatorship. A judge on Monday ordered […] Read More >

Chile Supreme Court Orders Halt to Mining Project

Top Story – Chile’s Supreme Court has blocked the development of a gold and copper mine following an appeal by the Diaguita indigenous community. The court’s decision overturned a lower […] Read More >

The Economist Criticized For Equating Violence Of Military Dictatorships With That Of Guerrillas

The Economist magazine stoked a controversy this week with an article arguing that memorials commemorating those killed by South America’s rightwing military governments are rewriting the past by playing down […] Read More >

Chilean Student Protests Continue As Buses Burn

Top Story — Vandals at a student protest in Santiago set three buses on fire Wednesday as protesters continued to demand access to free public education more than a year […] Read More >

Chile: Ex-Colonels Charged For Torturing Michelle Bachelet’s Father

Top Story — Two retired Chilean colonels were charged  Tuesday with torturing to death the father of former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, General Alberto Bachelet. General Bachelet, loyal to then-President Salvador Allende, was […] Read More >

Hundreds Protest Pro-Pinochet Film In Chile

SANTIAGO, CHILE — Chilean human rights organizations staged a rally on Sunday to protest an event held in honor of deceased former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. The screening of a […] Read More >

Chilean Protesters Clash At Pro-Pinochet Documentary Screening

Top Story — Chilean police on Sunday used tear gas and water cannons to disperse a crowd of protesters gathered outside a screening of “Pinochet”, a documentary sympathetic to the […] Read More >

Chile Commemorates International Day Against Homophobia

SANTIAGO, CHILE — Thousands of attendees enlivened the twelfth consecutive celebration of “Diverse Chile: Cultural Demonstration for Diversity and Against Discrimination” in Santiago’s Plaza de Armas on Saturday, May 12. […] Read More >