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Mexico: Zetas & Sinaloa Cartels Dominate Drug War

Today in Latin America Top Story — Five years after Mexican President Felipe Calderón launched his war against the country’s drug traffickers, two cartels have come to dominate Mexico’s drug […] Read More >

Honduras’ Lobo Renews Commitment To Human Rights

UNITED NATIONS — Honduran President Porfirio Lobo reaffirmed his country’s commitment to human rights during a speech before the United Nation’s General Assembly on Wednesday. During the speech, Lobo pledged […] Read More >

Mexico: 35 Bodies Dumped Beneath Overpass In Veracruz Resort Area

Gunmen in the busy Mexican resort area of Boca del Río left two trucks filled with 35 bodies beneath a busy overpass Tuesday as terrified motorists looked on. Twitter messages […] Read More >

United Nations: Mexico’s Calderón Says World Needs To Help Combat Drug Trafficking

UNITED NATIONS — The world must address widespread violence in Mexico and the vast wealth of drug cartels, Mexican President Felipe Calderón said Wednesday during his address to the United […] Read More >

Mexico Drug War Fueled By U.S. Assault Weapons And Drug Demand, Calderón Says

NEW YORK — Mexican President Felipe Calderón called on the U.S. government to reduce weapon sales to Mexico and domestic demand for illegal drugs, in a talk before business leaders […] Read More >

Mexico: Javier Sicilia’s Peace Caravan Marches On Despite Threats

Poet and activist Javier Sicilia promised that no threats or intimidation would stop his caravan for peace from heading deeper into southern Mexico, even as the state of Veracruz bumped […] Read More >

Mexico Drug War Attacks Social Media Users; Bodies Hung From Nuevo Laredo Bridge

The bloodied bodies of a man and a woman were found hanging from a bridge in the northeast Mexican border town of Nuevo Laredo Tuesday, along with two posters left […] Read More >

Violent Crime Kills More Mexican Youth Than Car Accidents, Report Says

Today in Latin America Top Story — A new report from the Mexican newspaper El Universal said that more young people die from violent homicide than car accidents in Mexico. […] Read More >

Mexico: 7 Die In Mazatlán As Sinaloa Cartel Controls Tijuana

Seven people were killed in the northwestern Mexican port city of Mazatlán on Monday with some of the incidents tied to drug cartels operating within the region, a police spokesman […] Read More >

Mexico Drug War: Facing Skepticism, Calderón Takes His Case To Social Media

President Felipe Calderón tried his best during his fifth state of the union speech Thursday to put a positive spin on the drug war offensive that has come to define […] Read More >